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    XDN Lotto
    6 months agoopen0
    I think it would be really awesome to have a lotto where people can buy a ticket with XDN and have a drawing weekly or something. I think part of the jackpot could be “taxed” with the money going ... Read more...
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    Use Simple Swap to get XDN
    10 months agoin progress1
    XDN looks to be only on two exchanges judging by Coin Market Cap. However, if you use simpleswap.io you can exchange your existing tokens for XDN. So no need to have a Bittrex or HitBTC account. See s... Read more...
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    Get On Ledger Live
    10 months agoopen0
    No idea how to do it, but it would be great to get XDN on Leger Nano, and by that I mean as an app on Ledger Live to make storing easier.