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What I want is to create an avenue where we the xdn citizens will prioritize our own products and use it.
I’ve realized most people have the rocket Bot and are utilizing it even though they are xdn citizens. I looked at the total downloads on play store and its just 100+ downloads but our main community has about 1500 members. Of this 1500, half of them I believe might have adopted the rocket bot app already. I am not criticizing the use of the rocket bot, but my emphasis is on the fact that we are about 1000 out there but just 1/10 of us is making use of our own product. I don’t mean to be rude; I am just expressing concern.
.I’d like to implement a reward system for users of our app in order to enable them to patronize the app services.
To be eligible for the rewards interested citizens should consider taking part in the following activities.
Basis of Reward
1. Navigate to play store on android or Appstore on apple devices and download the DigitalNote wallet. Leave behind a 5-star review and don’t forget to say something nice to motivate the team bring new products. Take a screenshot of your posted review and navigate to our friendly telegram group https://t.me/xdnTrading. Post your screenshot there and receive 100 xdn rewards for the review.
2. Create an account if not created already. Don’t forget to save your private keys in safe spot though.
3. Navigate to the contact menu and add my contact. Name is @Mister_Node and my address is dRRyJyTvrgk1fERSRvZxxVFjswPjRnhmPS.
4. Next is to send me a message using our app with their telegram username.
Reward for the first message is 200 xdn and the subsequent days will be 20 xdn on messaging at daily basis.
Random rewards will be provided to those send screenshot of staking using the xdn mobile wallet.

This is a small thought,
I hope you will look at this with consideration.