This is the new Hybrid DAO for DigitalNote XDN.

We are looking for community proposals to help forge your project and help you take control of your destiny. Ideas that you submit will be evaluated and assessed on feasibility. Once the proposal is approved for community funding, it will start the funding process and voting mechanism in the DigitalNote XDN iOS or Android Mobile wallets. The funding target will be set in 2XDN. You can contribute as little or as much to the proposal as you wish. Please just remember to keep some BNB in whatever wallet you are using to send your 2XDN from to cover the gas fees. The faster the target is met, the sooner the proposal will be prioritized.

Proposals need not only be for feature requests, they can encompass marketing efforts, listing on the top exchanges, and any task that will help the community achieve its goals.

So get your thinking caps on. This is your chance to achieve your goals!

For more information on how the DAO works, click here 

Download the Mobile iOS and Android wallet here:


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