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You say one of the biggest challenges for the xdn blockchain project is attracting investors and promoting the coin.
As a matter of urgency, you must first negotiate the Binance exchange and then the listing of the world’s leading cripto currency exchanges and make sure that this happens.This will make the whole world know about the digitalnote project.
coinmarketcap.com have you ever looked at the stock market section on the website ? People are doing research from around here.
No one will trust you to see the photo I’m sending you.
And one of the biggest problems is that the exchanges exclude these coins from the list.This is a very bad situation for the investor .
How many years have you been running this project? Have you ever asked yourself why we’re not in all the exchanges?
Why are newly released 1-month projects getting so much attention, how are they growing so fast.☺

Hitbtc exchange is already a very bad insecure lousy stock exchange (Get xdn out of here as soon as possible)
See you soon
Do not forget that cryptocurrencies in the world have the most interest and investment in Turkey in the top 5 countries.
And I am from turkey