XDN.cash or digitalnote.finance (there are many domain name options). And everyone should bring you to the exchange office with the main XDN pair. For example, exchange BTC for XDN or, for example, Russian SBERBANK for XDN, or top up your mobile phone account and pay utility bills by selling some XDN after staking. In any country, XDN should be able to provide decentralized quality exchange of any government currency. I propose to create an Exchange office with a choice of currencies that are convenient for each state separately. Also, we will have a personal account with a referral system and a reward system for the exchange. Listing to the exchange office will be carried out at the expense of holding XDN, and holding will also mean delisting. I have scripts to run such an exchange office. Initial coverage will be the CIS countries and Russia. I attached a screenshot of the finished exchanger to a PNG file. I am working on the system, but I will be glad to help.