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I am Ross, Media and Business Manager from WBF Exchange. I am very glad to meet you. First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce our brand. Our exchange was established in June 2019, and the company is registered in Singapore. Currently we have offices in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and China. I am currently working in Shanghai, China. You are welcome to come to Shanghai, and I will welcome you as soon as possible.

Our exchange listing services are divided into four major sections, which are open area, innovation area, main board area and VIP area. We will recommend a suitable section according to the needs of the project party and economic strength. Choose different regions to enjoy different service packages. In addition to listing services in our package, we also include media promotion, community promotion, poster promotion, and WBFex global trip.

Open area standard price 5btc
Innovative area standard price 10btc
Motherboard regional standard price 15btc
VIP regional standard price 25btc

If we evaluate your project is good enough, I will also apply for the biggest discount for you from the company


sincere wishes

Telegram: https://t.me/tesladidi