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We’re a growing community for the discussion of a large number of different emerging technologies, including cryptocurrency and until the COVID19 situation we had been running monthly giveaways where we partner a handful of crypto projects once a month (around the full moon – the name of the promotion is the “Crypto Full Moon Party”) and provide prizes of cryptocurrency to our followers.

We would like to start up again starting in June with the first giveaway back ending on the July full moon.

See here: the “Crypto Full Moon Party”:

More recently, we’ve been running smaller promotions that will be launched daily and run for 72 hours each:

What we ask of partners is for the provision of a prize of $100 in their native cryptocurrency, with our team managing the promotion throughout the month, as well as the selection of winners and provision of prizes. We work to spread the promotion virally throughout social media, with impression counts and exposure reaching above 30,000 impressions on average so far over the course of a month.

We use software for managing the monthly giveaway that significantly boosts the virality of the promotion, by providing a single entry for entering, but then offering substantially more entries by sharing the promotion within social networks.

We do this to boost our own exposure and not with the requirement or expectation of any kind of payment from partners – this is different to others who are doing similar who all ask for payment as it is a source of revenue for them. We have a greater focus on brand-building within the cryptocurrency industry.