• 4
    Crypto Full Moon Party
    5 months agoopen1
    We're a growing community for the discussion of a large number of different emerging technologies, including cryptocurrency and until the COVID19 situation we had been running monthly giveaways where ... Read more...
  • 3
    SWOT Analysis - Challenge
    5 months agoapproved0
    We have a challenge! Anyone that creates a Public SWOT analysis on XDN will stand in line to win one of 20 x 10,000 XDN prizes - AND the winner takes away 250,000 XDN. You can use any medium you like;... Read more...
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    Provide compile instructions on MacOs High Sierra & Catalina
    9 months agocompleted2
    We are offering a bounty of 150,000 XDN to someone that can provide clear and detailed instructions to install the development environment form compiling and deploying the DigitalNote GUI wallet using... Read more...
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    Finish the Webwallet
    9 months agoin progress1
    We need to spread the work load. Someone with good PHP skills can earn a bounty, fixing up our webwallet. It is working but requires CSS styling and some PHP work.  More details on what is required w... Read more...