Since our last update on Nov 2, 2020, the past few weeks have seen a great deal of development and activity at DigitalNote.

Here are the updates:

  • XDN Developers have refined the Windows and Mac Build environments.  This is a significant milestone for the future of development of XDN. The new build environments will make it extremely easy for new talent to help forge the future of DigitalNote’s portfolio of products. This will make XDN one of the most attractive projects for developers to work on.
  • New wallet to mine the 2XDN Superblock is released:  Version is the latest version of the QT DigitalNote wallet that can be downloaded from our Github to mine the 300K Superblock via staking and register for the 2XDN reward.
  • Drafted a detailed communication on how to mine 2XDN and exactly how the Superblock reward process will work so that XDN  “hodlers” are well prepared to make sure that they take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Wallet improvements completed:
    • Added SuperBlock Registration
    • Added Masternodes messages relay
    • Changed Masternode winner decision logic
    • Added Websocket for communication with the web-wallet server
    • Fixed occasional crashes related to secure messaging
    • Fixed id generation of secure messaging
    • Removed “Socks” proxy handling from source (not required)
    • Fixed getrawtransaction json syntax
    • Updated Nodes
    • Fixed Mac based build issues and dependencies
    • Updated win32 build process
    • Fixed win32 related compile errors
    • Minor Code Updates to support QT 5.15.1
  • Whitebit.com supports 300K Superblock for XDN users. XDN has been listed on Whitebit.com and will be supporting the Superblock using their smart staking platform. Users on Whitebit can take advantage of a yield of 1% for 30 days on XDN and look forward to earning their 2XDN reward at the end of their staking period. 2XDN will be listed on Whitebit.
  • Vindax.com lists 2XDN: The community will be able to trade 2XDN at our latest listing Vindax.com.
  • Forkdelta.app. 2XDN will be available on forkdelta.app one of the leading DEX’s
  • Webwallet released: The XDN webwallet has now been released and incorporates encrypted messaging at its core. Staking for the superblock is supported.
  • Updated Media Pack with 2XDN logos. The latest 2XDN logos can be found on our GitHub.  
  • Partnership with Allnodes.com for XDN Masternode Hosting: This partnership is really good for our users as they can deploy an XDN masternode with a few clicks. The partnership has seen our Masternode population grow significantly over the past few months.
  • Journalist coverage: We have had a promising Dutch news site, Newsbit cover an article on DigitalNote last week

Updated XDN Roadmap for 2021:

  • Autotools: This is currently under development and will be released once we are happy that it is working.
  • Total Revamp of the XDN core software. Update to the latest versions of Bitcoin core and remove depreciated code to ensure that the software is even more robust than it is right now.
  • DApps: for 2XDN will be developed to integrate Messaging and cross chain communication.
  • Move XDN between 2XDN and vice versa: Atomic swaps.
  • Yield farming on XDN to earn 2XDN. Holders of XDN will be able to earn 2XDN rewards whilst locking up XDN.
  • Giveaways of 2XDN leading up to the 300k Superblock. Keep an eye out on our social media to see how you can win 2XDN. Run campaigns to create awareness about the project and the roadmap.
  •  More Exchanges: Bring more liquidity to the XDN ecosystem. Explore DeFi trading platforms (Uniswap, etc)
  • More partnerships to be announced. Work on growing our partnerships with other projects and influencers in the crypto space who align with our product’s vision. Watch this space.

If you aren’t already part of the XDN family, get engaged today and “enjoy the journey” with us.

This is the beginning for Crypto, and more so for DigitalNote — the future is bright, stay focused, stay strong, stay together!