We’re very happy to announce that XDN, the native currency of DigitalNote blockchain, is now available on Binance Smart Chain & PancakeSwap. On the Binance Smart Chain, it is available as wXDN (Wrapped XDN).

This is a huge step in DigitalNote’s journey toward making it the blockchain of choice when it comes to cryptocurrency, DeFi features, and interoperability. Click here to find a detailed description of benefits that this integration with the Binance Smart Chain & PancakeSwap offers the DigitalNote ecosystem.

Effective immediately, users will be able to:

This move expands XDN’s interoperability with the Binance ecosystem. There is no net increase in the number of coins in circulation. When users convert their XDN (on native DigitalNote chain) to wXDN (on Binance Smart Chain), the underlying XDN coins are locked out of the system so that the total of wXDN+XDN coins remain the same. On this page, you can get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this move.

About DigitalNote:

DigitalNote is a time tested and battle hardened open source blockchain that offers a fast, secure, and low-fee cryptocurrency, an interoperable DeFi platform, and Peer-to-Peer secure messaging.


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