DigitalNote will burn up to 70,000,000 XDN to make way for the distribution of 2XDN. This will mean that the net effect of the release of 2XDN will not impact the overall number of Coins on the network. The new 2XDN will however be totally separate assets and have features and benefits that will differ from the native XDN coin. Trading on 2XDN will take place after distribution has taken place on WhiteBit and Uniswap. Other exchanges will be announced once they have indicated support for 2XDN.

Some interesting developments with 2XDN, it has already been integrated into wallets. For more information please check out their tutorial.

The new GUI QT wallet, needed to mine the Superblock at block 300,000 is in testing phase this week. If all goes to plan, it will be released mid next week (11th November)