Dear DigitalNote community/holders

As you already know, the DigitalNote team has been making great progress toward the distribution of 2XDN rewards to our community. We’re very excited to share with you the updated logistics to allow you to qualify and earn 2XDN at block 300k (to be referred to as superblock hereafter). We are tracking superblock to occur on Nov 23, 2020. (revised to between 7th and 10th of December 2020)

This updated logistics is to ensure that the majority of our community and holders can qualify for earning 2XDN. Many would have been disqualified if we continued on the airdrop route.

How it will work:
• Users will earn 2XDN as a reward for staking XDN (instead of a plain airdrop).
• After reviewing many exchanges and offers, we have decided that WhiteBIT is the best fit that can not only include Staking rewards, but also fulfill all of our requirements.
• For users who have XDN on exchanges other than WhiteBIT– they will need to either leverage XDN Wallet (QT or web) or stake masternode(s) to participate.
• Therefore, we will offer three different ways to earn 2XDN rewards: Staking on WhiteBIT, Staking on DigitalNote Wallet, and earning rewards running a Masternode(s).

Proposed Process to Earn 2XDN
(May be refined based on any new findings as we make progress)

1) WhiteBIT:

The process will start as soon as WhiteBIT announces support.

Some key highlights:
a. We will be utilizing WhiteBit’s brand new SMART staking platform.
b. Users will receive 1% interest in just 30 days on their XDN holding.
c. All users who stake their XDN on WhiteBIT before the superblock will receive an exclusive staking reward of 1 x 2XDN for each 100 XDN staked to their WhiteBIT accounts at superblock (~November 23rd) (revised to between 7th and 10th of December 2020)
d. No extra registration is required.

2) Wallet Process:

The process will work on both DigitalNote wallets – QT wallet as well as web wallet.

a. You will need to download the latest QT wallet or use web wallet to allow you to mine the PoS superblock. We are currently testing the wallets that will support the registration and will specifically mark them when ready on this page:
b. In the wallet, you will need to register for the 2XDN reward and provide your ETH address before the superblock
c. You will need to ensure that your coins are staking at superblock. If your wallet is encrypted, make sure it is unlocked for staking. You will earn 1 2XDN per 100 XDN in your staked wallet. The superblock rewards will be paid to your registered ETH address (once the superblock is verified).

3) Masternode Process:
a. you will need to maintain XDN Masternode(s) at superblock.
b. You will need to register your masternode before superblock. Here is the page to register your masternode(s):
c. If you hold a masternode at superblock and it has been registered, you will earn 40,000 2XDN per masternode.

We have already updated the FAQ to this effect. Please refer to the update on how the 2XDN staking reward will work here:
We are very excited about this pivotal phase in DigitalNote’s growth and count heavily on the community for your support as we write history.
For any further questions, comments – please reach out to any of the following channels: