As a team, we are rewarding the community with bounties for ideas, marketing, listing on the top exchanges, and almost any task that will help us achieve our goals. To start all you need to do is visit our bounty page see what is needed to be done. If you have an idea and it is voted up by the community for review, you earn 10,000 XDN. All you need is 25 votes to qualify.

One of the biggest challenges for the XDN blockchain project is to attract investors and promote the coin. This is something the DigitalNote team cannot accomplish on their own. So if you have marketing proposals that are guaranteed to work, add them to the bounty program and let us know how much it will cost and get the community to vote for your proposal.

Continued development of the DigitalNote project is paramount to our success, so any developers out there get onto the tasks we need worked on. Web development, coin features, new media relations, new top quality exchanges, walkthrough guides including how-to YouTube videos are all up for consideration.

So get your proposals out there with as much info as you need to convince the community that it is a good idea. Follow us on Twitter or Discord for up to date news on the DigitalNote XDN bounty program.