Although this year’s XDN swap had a controversial start with a number of malicious users trying to exploit the claim process, the process as a whole has been a success. The pitfalls of the old network resulted in a tedious manual swap process in order to secure the integrity of our community’s funds so we are happy to move forward. DigitalNote’s Cryptonote origins have always been a major headache. Most developers, including Monero, have almost rewritten their codebase to overcome Cryptonote’s shortcomings and are inconvenienced with biannual forks to rid themselves of the plague of ASICs. DigitalNote chose to demolish its Cryptonote ties and star in a new and safer journey for its community using an enhanced ₿ (Bitcoin) Satoshi Core technology.

For the devout XDN holder, it should be a relief that we have eliminated the risk of being classified solely as a privacy coin subjected to a potential blacklist that most exchanges are now enforcing. This includes popular coins such as DASH, PIVX, and ANON. The legacy Cryptonote technology made it impossible for XDN to conduct an automatic swap and in hindsight, it has probably been a blessing to our community. We would not have known the true picture of our coin supply, for example.

We are confident that with the help of the community we can now dispose of the bad image we inherited from the original developer(s) and continue to refine DigitalNote to take a major and credible stand in the cryptocurrency sector. Now that the swaps are behind us, the team can concentrate our efforts on XDN development and partnerships to shape our destiny. We have some really exciting announcements ahead. The team could not have done this without you. Thank YOU for your support and all the devs who helped to make this happen.

As promised here are the 3 burn addresses of 3,000,0000,000 XDN that the community can monitor.

Each address has 1,000,000,000 XDN allocated to them. These addresses will not be touched and have been placed on reserve which means they will not stake. The community has full access to view the balances on these accounts to ensure corporate governance. The team did not anticipate this result and there will be disappointed holders that missed the cut; however, we have done everything we could to warn people over the 6-month period to swap and we now enter a new era.

BURN-01 dMsop93F7hbLSA2d666tSPjB2NXSAfXpeU
BURN-02 daigDQ7VxAFwmhh59HstA53KYD5a4q81N5
BURN-03 dVibZ11CVyiso4Kw3ZLAHp7Wn77dXuvq1d

Special thanks from the XDN team to the entire XDN community for their patience during the swap.