XDN recently broke the shackles of its stubborn and unreliable Cryptonote technology of the past, ushering in a new, fairer world, spanning finance, governance, and much more. It not only brings in a new way of transacting in a more efficient and transparent way but also offers the potential to initiate a completely new way of utilising the internet.

XDNs brand new Proof-Of-Work/Proof-Of-Stake (PoW/PoS) hybrid blockchain was created to improve security and the lack of privacy that is currently attributed to blockchain technology, both unifying and expanding possibilities. XDNs Proof-Of-Work hybrid blockchain directly affects how the system handles block production and stimulates interest in doing so while bolstering security and protection from a 51% attack which still haunts many current projects. Delegates are incentivized to run Masternodes that help process and validate network transactions.

Not only is XDN a more autonomous system, it is also more efficient and effective. The unique selection of block creators allows transactions to be validated in a matter of seconds, rather than the 10 minutes it takes the proof of work system employed by Bitcoin.

XDN has been built around some of the best features in the crypto world including privatized transactions, encrypted messaging, staking rewards, Masternodes, PoS/PoW Hybrid with our revolutionary and unique VRX targeting system.

This is a real breath of fresh air to the community holding XDN.

DO NOT DELAY: The new XDN technology requires users to swap their old for the new coins before the cut off date, October 5 2019. Holders of old XDN can register their claim for new XDN 2.0 coins at Here. Once approved, it takes about 15 minutes, start to finish to swap. Exchanges, Bittrex and UpBIT have already updated to the new chain. Holders of XDN on HitBTC and Freewallet may have to wait awhile for a resolution.

Support and Development

The XDN team working on this project are incredibly responsive and have an active Discord server to help the community with wallet issues and general support.

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