DigitalNote is excited to announce a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to earn passive income through the use of Rent-to-Own Smart Nodes. These nodes allow users to earn rewards of up to 5.6% per annum, without the need to purchase DigitalNote (XDN) on an exchange.

Setting up a Rent-to-Own Smart Node is easy. Simply sign up for a subscription at a cost of US$47.99 per 90 days or US$155.00 per annum. This subscription includes the hosting fee for the Smart Node and 2,000,000 XDN locked in the node for a period of two years (valued at approximately US$140.00).

To activate your Smart Node, download the DigitalNote mobile wallet and follow the instructions to set up your Masternode. It’s that simple.

If you’re unable to pay for a full quarter or year, don’t worry. You can suspend your subscription and reactivate it when you have the funds available. After two years of active subscription, the 2,000,000 XDN is yours to keep.

In addition to the standard subscription, annual subscribers will receive a FREE Cavoodle NFT (valued at over 0.1 ETH) and 5,000 2XDN. This is a limited time offer, so be sure to sign up while supplies last.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a DigitalNote Masternode and drive passive income. Visit to learn more and sign up for a Rent-to-Own Smart Node today.

If you have any questions, please ask, one of the team would be happy to answer.

See current proposed development plans here.

It really is time for XDN Supporters to start partying!

The team working on this project is incredibly responsive to any issues, or problems that occur and we have an active Discord server to help the community with wallet issues and general support. Join us today.

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Have fun and stay safe!

The DigitalNote XDN Team

If you are keen to get in and help with the development of DigitalNote, please contact the team on our Discord chat. We are looking for volunteers to help with all aspects of DigitalNote XDN.


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History of DigitalNote: The Past, The Current, The Future