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June, 2022 – DigitalNote, is a robust Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake hybrid blockchain technology platform equipped with instant transactions and highly secure encrypted messaging features. Designed for a future powered by crypto, this decentralized XDN master node network provides a stronger security framework for the user.

DigitalNote was developed with the objective of building and integrating a host of applications aimed at providing simplicity and efficiency to its users. To this end, it provides an encrypted peer-to-peer messaging service, instant transactions, and a digital wallet designed to provide a seamless experience for the users.

In comparison to other blockchain technologies, DigitalNote focuses more heavily on the security and protection of privacy of their users from censorship.

AuCHRI, “We are one of the first coins to introduce a cryptocurrency that is resistant to 51% attacks due to our two-tier system model. This system which combines Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake hybrid distribution and VRX v3.0 difficulty retargeting algorithm ensures that any potential attacker must control 51% of the network hash rate but also control 51% of the coins. This additional security method will enable our users to enjoy the full benefits of the cryptocurrency and messaging encryption without ever having to worry about the security of the network.”

One of the salient features offered by DigitalNote has been its incentive program, named XDN Bounty Program. This allows any member of the community to complete tasks related to ideas, marketing, and attend to development issues and earn XDN in exchange.

Through DigitalNote, users can utilize their desktop graphics card or mining rig to earn XDN via pools or solo mining. 

AuCRHI, commented “We are aware that we have a challenging path ahead of us in attracting investors and promoting XDN. With COVID-19 still being a threat to our daily life, we have made a significant shift in our roadmap to focus on Marketing and Partnerships over the next 12 months. Our XDN bounty program is designed to bring new talent and ideas to our open-source community project and champion the cause of DigitalNote. We try to offer a fantastic service and experience to our community whilst trying to increase the popularity of the platform and bring new users on to the platform,

He further added, “DigitalNote also provides a way for any user to earn XDN, even while they are away, without the need for special hardware. Whilst earning may depend on the user’s staked balance and the current network staking weight, a typical user will earn 100 XDN per block mined whist securing the network via Proof-of-Stake or earn rewards by setting up a dedicated Master node earning up to 150 XDN per block mined.

A blockchain technology that is underpinned by strong security measures and a core belief of user experience which addresses concerns of censorship, DigitalNote XDN offers a blockchain-powered crypto technology for the masses. XDN is also backed by a solid team and AuCRHI, an IT specialist with over 30 years of software development and support experience, who has been recruiting and championing XDN for the last 5 years.

The team working on this project are incredibly responsive to any issues, or problems that occur and have an active Discord server to help the community with wallet issues and general support. Join them today:

You can also find them on twitter:

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Have fun and stay safe!


The DigitalNote XDN Team

If you are keen to get in and help with the development of DigitalNote, please contact the team on our Discord chat. We are looking for volunteers to help with all aspects of DigitalNote XDN.




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