Folks folks folks…*humour” “farce perhaps” is required in those moment of doubt and uncertain future. Laughing is the antidote to gloom and the mother of ideas!

DigitalNote; Digital Anonymity with a Note

Everyone like a good story about crypto.

Yours, is that you’ve been there for a while (“like forever””old school” “pioneers), The name is cool (has an aesthetic to it), the tech is like Bitcoin++ (leave it in the dust even I’ve heard), and there’s a philosophy behind it. Real Anonymity unlike the competition. In the era of open information, you’re stealth incarnated. I would boost about it more and be bold publicly! And focus on what’s your best advantages (and repeat all the time to anybody who wants to here). And on top of that boost, boost more about it! Be brash like a rash. Hahaha! Denounce the weak imitation! The compromised. It’s a comeback story, you’ve always been in the background and now you step in like cryptomages!
I don’t know you guys…but you have some card to play, some A’s here; some indéniable advantages. A store of value intractable and indestructible…wow!
believe in yourselves! You are the best! The best. Let nobody say otherwise! Make magic!

Peace out, will I am stone, well sink, in my sofa! Hahahahaha!
Goodnight folks! Keep smelling! Hahaha!