We promised, we deliver:

 Q4 is already shaping up to be a huge quarter for DigitaNote XDN.

The Community is pushing for more and more features and use cases to be added to DigitalNote. For instance, engaging in more marketing efforts, securing new Exchange listings, new partnerships, the list goes on. Most of the community input regarding changes to the ecosystem has been incredible. Funding the implementation of these has not been easy. The team has been reluctant to dip into the XDN Treasury XDN to pay for these updates for two main reasons: 

  • Selling XDN would depreciate our price which would impact our community.
  • Selling XDN at depressed prices is counterproductive to DigitalNote in the long term.     

We understand why some community members became disconcerted at the lack of development over the last few years. Anyone that has stuck around can attest to the developments that have manifested in the last 6 months. If you have not kept in touch with the project, during the current bear market, we would love to have you back so that we can share the progress with you. 

The team meets at least twice a week to ensure that we are on top of things. We hold regular sponsored AMA sessions with more and more communities to help grow the adoption of projects and help educate users on the benefits and history of other projects. At each of these AMAs, DigitalNote is the sponsor.

One thing I find so exciting about working on the DigitalNote XDN team is the enthusiasm that everyone on the team has for the project. Very few core team members ever miss a meeting. When work needs to be done, there is always a keen hand to get it done.    

The Hybrid DigitalNote XDN DAO

The DigitalNote Team is made up of volunteers that put significant time and effort into the Projects development and success.  Developing quality projects and features cost money. We are now fortunate enough to have found dedicated and talented developers to develop DigitalNote best-in-class features and applications for the community.

In the past, our community put up suggestions to set up DigitalNote as a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.) The DAO has been in the back of our minds since we introduced 2XDN as an airdrop to holders of XDN.

Today we now have the team that is able to deliver on these ideas and give 2XDN the utility that it deserves and what we had initially planned for the token.

The DAO utility token will be 2XDN on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network.

The DigitalNote DAO will hand the reins to the community to help vote on DigitalNote project features and changes that are close to their heart. The community will vote by sending 2XDN tokens to the project and therefore contribute to the funding of the development and progress of DigitalNote.

The voting mechanism has been bundled directly into the NEW DigitalNote Mobile wallet. The payment processor links to popular web3 wallets.  MetaMask, Trustwallet, etc. are all compatible.

The community will post their own proposals directly on the DigitalNote website. The team will evaluate these and assess resource requirements. If the change is feasible, a cost will be associated with the feature so that it can be voted on and funded. Once the target cost is reached, payable in 2XDN, the changes will be prioritized and implemented.

DigitalNote will explore offering our voting mechanism to other coins/tokens to get their community to vote on the implementation of proposals for their projects. The communities will pay for the changes in 2XDN. This will improve 2XDN utility. The raised funds will be delivered to the project upon completion of the vote. The funds can then be sold to raise the necessary income for the project.

It really is time for XDN Supporters to start partying!

The team working on this project is incredibly responsive to any issues, or problems that occur and we have an active Discord server to help the community with wallet issues and general support. Join us today.

You can also find us on Twitter

Now on Crypto.com

Have fun and stay safe!

The DigitalNote XDN Team

If you are keen to get in and help with the development of DigitalNote, please contact the team on our Discord chat. We are looking for volunteers to help with all aspects of DigitalNote XDN.


History of DigitalNote: The Past, The Current, The Future

DigitalNote WebSite

DigitalNote’s Official Twitter Account

DigitalNote Community on Telegram

DigitalNote Community on Discord

History of DigitalNote: The Past, The Current, The Future

DigitalNote WebSite

DigitalNote’s Official Twitter Account

DigitalNote Community on Telegram

DigitalNote Community on Discord