About DigitalNote XDN

Formerly known as DarkNote XDN

Formerly known as duckNote XDN

DigitalNote XDN is a cryptocurrency, a kind of decentralized digital money, like Bitcoin. It is based on CryptoNote anonymous technology and updated with unique untraceable encrypted messaging system and blockchain based deposits. Nobody owns or controls DigitalNote, it uses peer-to-peer technology and fair ASIC-resistant PoW mining process to operate with no central authority.

DigitalNote provides instant worldwide privacy protected transactions and untraceable encrypted messaging transfers with almost zero processing fees in decentralized peer-to-peer users network. Mathematics secures the XDN network and empowers individuals to control their own finances and information. Your private key is your bank account, with no censorship and surveillance. Freedom exist.

May 30, 2014 - day of the first XDN block

Getting started with DigitalNote XDN

Average user should use DigitalNote graphical wallet. Simplewallet is a wallet for services, like mining pools and exchanges.
You can download binary files or compile your own, XDN-project official github repository

Get DigitalNote XDN

You can get DigitalNote by mining. Mining is a process of new XDN units generation. You will receive some of newly generated DigitalNotes as a reward for securing XDN network with CPU power. Another way to get DigitalNote is deposit. Every XDN user can deposit his DigitalNotes with interest rate ~ 1% annual with "locking" his XDN for a period from 1 month to 10 year. Also you always can exchange XDN to any other currency or receive DigitalNote payments.

DigitalNote XDN features

Truly anonymous

Untraceable truly anonymous DigitalNote transactions and encrypted information transfers in decentralized p2p network.

Instant Encrypted Messages

DigitalNote provides an instant secure, untraceable and unlinkable way of encrypted communication - crypto messages.

Blockchain Deposits

DigitalNotes can be locked on deposit account for some time with 0.5-1% annual interest rate. Deposit is a factor of main supply.

Blockchain analysis resistant

DigitalNote blockchain is resistant to any kind of analysis. All you XDN transactions and messages transfers are unlinkable.

Libertarian economy

DigitalNote distribution happens with fair ASIC-resistant Proof-of-work mining process. Block reward = 150 XDN ~ 1 year after launch.

Secure and ASIC-resistant

XDN announce was public and loud. Since the very first block it is mined by cryptocurrency community users with CPU-efficient PoW.

Open Source

XDN is a decentralized Open Source project, released under the MIT license, anyone can take a part in development process.

Fair and decentralized

DigitalNote uses decentralized peer-to-peer network technology to operate with no central authority. Your .keys file is a private XDN bank.

Future features

Imagine Proof-of-activity based on blockchain deposits, mobile client, aliases for your @messages and even blockchain Digital ID.

DigitalNote specifications

  • Maximum XDN number: 8 589 869 056 XDN
    Ready for mass adoption, accurate digital money, the 6th perfect number
  • Libertarian XDN supply with ASIC resistant mining
    Unique model of market economy combined with blockchain technology
  • Block reward: 150 XDN
    Constant DigitalNote base mining reward makes it predictable for miners
  • Deposit interest rate: 0.4 to 1.094% annual
    The only cryptocurrency with blockchain deposits
  • Block target time: 4 minute
    DigitalNote network is 2.5x faster than Bitcoin
  • Mining algorithm: Proof-of-work, CryptoNight
    CPU-efficient mining process for average PC or laptop.
  • Minimum transaction fee: 0.001 XDN
    Micropayments made easy with DigitalNote